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I am a highly-experienced visual/digital designer and front-end developer skilled in HTML, CSS, UX/UI and the Adobe Creative Suite as well as numerous CMS platforms. I also have extensive experience in graphic design, branding and digital strategy which makes me a unique creative and technical resource. I am equally comfortable in the trenches with InDesign, Sketch, Invision and HTML/CSS, or developing a comprehensive digital strategy to help your business grow.

I have worked extensively in the corporate environment as a Creative Director and am now principal at RKING INTERACTIVE where I provide both digital design (web/UXUI) and marketing strategy services.

I am a geek at heart and love science (and science fiction) and technology in all forms. This passion has lead me to many clients in the medical, pharma, and start-up tech industries. I am an avid reader, write science fiction and create websites that encourage and advocate science education. I also design geeky science and technology t-shirts as a way to further advocate science education.

Delivering high-impact solutions across all media takes experience. My extensive background in a variety of fields (web, technology, marketing/branding) and working environments (agency, in-house, indy contractor) has provided me a unique blend of creative, technical, and marketing skill sets. I build client relationships that are defined by attentive, timely service and providing smart, long-standing solutions.

Bottom line…my job is to make your life easier. That’s what I do. And I enjoy doing it.

What they’ve said

“Rick is a strong web designer / developer who also has the rare ability to provide technical options for the job in laymen’s terms. As a subcontractor, I’ve turned Rick over to client’s with complete confidence that he would interact with my client without any need for me to be involved, due to his strong communication skills. What’s more, he’s keen at finding solutions based on client wishes and asks just the right questions without weighing you down with all the technical details. I’ve hired him several times to take web designs that my firm has created and build them out into live web sites. His design translations are sharp, another rare skill found in the developer community, indicating he has a strong sensitivity to design as well. In short, Rick provides a great service, on time and on budget, with a positive, refreshing, and problem-solving attitude.”
“Rick is a jack-of-all-trades. He can build a brand from nothing, come up with a meaningful name, design a logo, develop an SEO optimized website, spin off a compelling social media campaign, and creative sales materials with no problem.

He has all of the qualities of a great leader, he’s: honest, trust-worthy, has good communication, committed, positive, creative and can inspire.

Rick keeps on top of the latest trends in creative, technology applications and digital media.”

“As Creative Director, he was responsible for the creative direction of all consumer and corporate marketing needs, including branded advertising for many big name clients. Given a project, he can create a concept and strategy to achieve the client’s goal. Rick is a conceptual thinker and great communicator. His positive attitude is one of his strong suits. Having to work with many people from multiple companies, he was well-liked by everyone. He was a leader and role-model.”
“I worked extensively with Rick King. He was always innovative and creative, finding the best way to achieve the team goal within the time necessary. He also did extensive research to bring new technologies and techniques to the company.”
“Rick King is an incredibly talented designer and front-end developer, and he’s also a highly effective manager and team lead. I was constantly impressed by Rick’s technical problem solving and his ability to handle tight deadlines and difficult challenges with ease and composure.”
“Rick is a thoughtful, highly skilled developer who consistently delivered projects that were first-rate and on schedule. Rick has a great attitude and was always willing to go the extra mile on projects and provide last-minute help whenever needed. In addition, he was a well-liked and respected supervisor for his team.”
“Rick King is a very talented designer, a thoughtful collaborator and an effective manager. He has repeatedly impressed me with his creativity, his keen design sense, his professionalism (both with colleagues and with clients) and most importantly, the ease with which he marries the three to bring to fruition work that is both outstanding and dead on to what the client is looking to achieve.”
“Rick consistently impressed me with his excellent interactive designs. When he was presented with a concept, he was able to produce several designs for management, all of which met the goals and objectives of the project and were unique in their design. He has a strong work ethic, always completing projects ahead of due dates. Rick is also an excellent manager of a group of web designers, evidenced by the long tenure of his team and the quality of work that they produce.”
“Rick is a talented designer with the keen ability to merge usability with style and design. I worked with Rick on numerous complex custom advertiser requests and he always delivered high quality items on time. The breadth and depth of his design and technical skill would make him a valuable asset to any organization.”
“Rick is an excellent designer, a sharp thinker, and a great collaborator. He’s always got great ideas, and he’s always open to input, plus he’s very personable and easygoing, even if time’s short or direction’s fuzzy. His design style is clean, effective and attractive. A perfect combination of creative and technical, Rick’s a creative powerhouse and an innovative problem solver.”

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