Roll out a new brand for a high-profile medical technology company across both traditional and digital channels.

– What We Did –

Medical Technology

Web Design & Development, Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

1 year

New Brand for New Markets

A prominent medical technology company wanted to reinvigorate it’s products and positioning with a new look. Taking general, newly-established brand guidelines, we refined the brand, adding new details, and created an energetic, cohesive campaign across both digital and traditional mediums. Goals were to accelerate growth in new markets, diversify product portfolio and audiences, and implement new customer service strategies.

A New, Refined Look

A whole slew of new print materials were developed in the new brand – brochures, sale sheets, pocket folders, product sheets, posters, and much more.




“Rick knows web. He knows print just as well. We value all the tools he brings to the table.”

– Digital Project Manager

Landing Pages, Microsites, Emails and More!

The new brand ran across all channels, especially digital.

A Better Way to Order Business Cards

We built a new business card ordering system allowing employees to customize, review, and order their personal business cards – all at one time, in one spot. This system has made the business card ordering process quicker and more accurate, saving the client both time and money.


The rollout of the new brand was a huge success. New customers were added, new products were launched, and entirely new foreign markets were reached with this campaign.