Design and build a website, app and logo for a performing arts school that has both an unconventional business model and incorporates unique training techniques.

– What We Did –

Elsa Murray School of Performing Arts

Digital Strategy, UX/UI, Web Design & Development, Branding

In production

A New Kind of Arts School

The Elsa M. Murray School of Performing Arts uses a unique business model that blends a primary, virtual-type “campus” that connects artists and instructors, along side a secondary, more traditional, on-site instruction. This duality is also reflected in the training philosophy, incorporating both classical training techniques with a modern, modularized curriculum that tailors itself to the artist.

Logo and Color Palette

The logo incorporates each of the artistic disciplines and uses bands of color to emphasize the school’s modern, modular training approach. The color palette incorporates natural, organic colors (complementing the artistic form) that are evocative and inspire passion.

“At first, I wasn’t even sure how to explain what I wanted. But Rick was patient with me and ultimately captured the unique personality of the school.”

– Donna C.

Website Design and Development

The website provided a unique challenge – how to design a site that resonates and inspires potential artists, and reflects the school’s unique training approach. By combining vivid, aspirational imagery, unique typography, and juxtaposing hard edges (modern, modular) with soft gradients (traditional and classic) in an asymmetrical yet balanced manner, the goal of capturing the school’s unique personality was achieved.


Carving out a new niche is never easy, but by carefully listening and understanding the client’s philosophy and beliefs, a website was created that reflected the school’s unique business model and unorthodox philosophical approach to the arts.